lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010

Campus URBE


Register and Vocational Test LIGHT (Applied 5th year) for Basket Options Professionals (COP). Also for the floating population.
- Check if you belong to the AMA Project or any of the conventions of the institution.(Not applicable to the floating population).
- Perform Pre-Registration LIGHT:
See if you have been assigned (a) to the University and record documents.
If you consign the documents to be aware of the Enrollment Process in the race concerned.
It encourages all stakeholders to be outstanding visiting this page which will be published later all the requirements for this process
If you consign documents, you must enter "Student Web" to see registration information materials. 

• Scholarship Program Lossada Jesus Enrique granted by the governor of Zulia.
• is to give specialized education graduates an opportunity to higher education by the total cancellation of the race.
• JEL Student Enrollment
• * New Students do not cancel pre JEL
• * No evidence was presented.
• Conditions required for the Fundación Jesús Enrique Lossada:
• Original and photocopy of the title of Bachelor.
• "Original and photocopy of the notes 7th matriculation certificate. A 5th. Year.
• "Form to be registered in the Unified National System of Access to Higher Education (RUSNIES).
• "Photocopy of Identity Card.
• "Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate.
• 'Two photos from the front, passport.
• To qualify for the Scholarship Program JEL:
• The high school should not be pursuing higher education at the time of application.
• Must participate in the census due process, the dates and locations are published through the local newspaper in due time by the governor.
• Conditions required for the Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin University's Scholars Program JEL at the time of registration
• "Check the listings of the draw for the scholarships, which are published by the Government in the local newspaper.
• "Should be favored, go to the Fundación Jesús Enrique Lossada, located at (Urb Maracaibo, Calle 12 Nro 66 with 66-30 Fifth Avenue Estrellita. Entering Bit Max. Diagonal child to ballroom Safari Kids) to request your letter of nomination or failing to check if it appears in list of reinstatement issued by the Foundation.
• "At the time of registration the student must enter in URBE Control Studies, documents previously requested by the College accompanied by a letter of application issued by the Foundation.
• "The record must be signed by the student and the auxiliary control studies that examined him with disciplinary and administrative rules of the University.
• Student ID
• With one of the registration forms, contact the Department of University ID for the preparation of meat, located in the lobby of Block "F".
• The city has an automated Student ID to access the blocks of classrooms and other facilities.
• The issuance of the first meat is free, if you lose the card, the student must cancel Bs.F 50.00 boxed and addressed to the Identification Department University where a new issue.
• To enter the classroom block:
• 1 .- Show the card to the goalkeeper for identification.
• 2 .- Place the meat on the optical reader.
• 3 .- not have access, please contact the Coordination of the block and raise their status.
• 1. Certified copy of JEL (This study possesses control)
• 2. Registration Form
• 3. Academic and Registration Certificate Index
• 4. Photocopy of Identity Card
• 5. Studies curriculum Certificates
• • 2-3-4 points removed for any block
• • The removal of control point 1 Study  

miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010


'II tell you a little about the steps I do.

As a student of the 9th quater of Social Communication for the last I goto see the art of English opcion 5, but usually my efforts are only and only for my studies and for everything I need in the continuing development of my daily life.

Also developing my thesis on sets with my classmates, to develop a large television production.   

God's Timing is Perfect

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

My neighborhood

My neighborhood is very nice. There are wide sidewalks, and there´s not much traffic. There´s a lot of greenery. There are several playgrounds for children 

God's Timing Perfect


The legend of La Llorona has had many versions of its existence, and everyone knows therir history in different countries.

This legend spread to other parts of the country, manifesting itself in various ways. In some villages it was said that La Llorona was a young lover who had died on the eve of the wedding and the groom brought the crown of white roses that never used.

Elsewhere, it was believed a mother who came to mourn their children orphans.
Some say it is a woman who drowned her children one evening and the search along the streams or creeks, uttering prolonged mourning.

Another description of the police car is: Figure unpleasant woman, tall and disheveled, long dress and cadaverous face. With his long arms holding a dead child. Spend the night crying, pitiful sobs seeding with the terror in the camps, villages and even cities.

It refers to the character according to oral tradition, which is defined as a single mother who decided not to take your child and aborting it, carrying it the punishment of permanent hearing the cries of her child. This punishment of despair and forced to wander the world without finding calm, crying, moaning and asking for the whereabouts of his ill-fated son.

My family

My family is very big!
This consists of four men and two females and of course my beautiful parents ..
In my family we are six brothers, and all are married with beautiful nephews.
Just missing the smallest and that's me ...
I like it a lot with my family and share with my nephews all beautiful. 
I love all my family and my beautiful grandmother, who is with God

God's Timing Is Perfect